WNBA Movement Design Contest

You can be the designer of the WNBA Movement shirt!


1) The shirt design should relate to basketball in some way, shape, or form.
2) Sorry fellas, but it has to be a woman. This is the WNBA, not the NBA.
3) Be creative. Were looking for flashy, eye catching desings.
4) Be original. If you love Jordan thats great but he wont be on our shirts. Think of something your own thats out of the box.
5) Hand drawn or computor generated are both fine whichever you choose.
6) Submit as many designs as you want but only one will be chosen.
1) No where can there be the letters or symbols for the WNBA. Theres no affiliation as of yet or slogan.
2) Absolutely nothing explicit or vulgar*
3) Your premitted to use words but profanity is not acceptable. 

How to Enter:
Your design must be emailed to wnbamovement@ymail.com. There is no due date so spend as much or as little time as you please. Were always open to new sketches. As a team, we will vote on which we think is the best for the WNBA Movement. As one point in the selection, yall will be allowed to vote. You do not have to be 18 year or older to participate.

Good luck to everyone!


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