Around the WNBA: Los Angeles Sparks

First and for most: LA Sparks…great team for 15 years. 15 years! There’s not that many teams that have been around for 15 years. I’d like to say congratulations to the LA Sparks Franchise.

First thing: Why do the LA Sparks have more than 11 players?! And why are these permanent players?! Here’s the almost official list because I don’t know what there doing.

#16 Ebony Hoffman

#1 Natasha Lacy

#22 Betty Lennox (FA)

#8 DeLisha Milton-Jones

#15 Chanel Mokango

#2 Loree Moore

#33 Courtney Paris

#3 Candace Parker

#21 Ticha Penicheiro

#30 LaToya Pringle

#45 Noelle Quinn

#32 Tina Thompson

#20 Kristi Toliver

#14 Lindsay Wisdon-Hylton

I know that all yall can count, but that’s 14 players.  The limit is 11 and if the WNBA is changing it back to 13, there still over limit. So maybe the WNBA is doing something very sneaky and adding more players to everyones roster. Either way, judging from the Sparks, something isn’t right. The way I see it, if the WNBA is extended their rosters to 13, the Sparks would have to release one of there signed/re-signed players or they let Betty Lennox go, which I don’t understand why they would do that.

I already know yall seen some new faces in this crowd. First off, Ebony Hoffman, a Indiana Fever Free Agent, signed with the Los Angeles Sparks. Now, before you second guess me, you can check it out at! Listen, this is a true statement! I assure you my facts are straight. Ebony Hoffman will be #16 for the LA Sparks in the 2011 season. I don’t know what position she will be playing for sure, but most likely she’ll be a forward. I can’t say whether she’ll start, that’s up to the LA Sparks Coaching Staff.  But think about this, the one and only Ebony Hoffman is playing for the LA Sparks. She is such a great player and added a wonderful style of play to the Fever and I know she will add that same intensity to the Sparks Organization.

The next signing that is a special signing is the signing of the Courtney Paris. I don’t know if yall remember when she played for Oklahoma, but I know I do! She was the talk of the season. She’s 6’4″ and 250 lbs, you don’t want that coming at you (no offense). She will steam roll over you and you will be wishing you hadn’t guarded her. In college, she broke records! She’s the first person in NCAA history, male or female, to have 700 points,  500 rebounds, and 100 blocks in 1 season. In a single season she did all of that! Like I said, she is the only one to do that, male or female. I’m not trying to knock any of the WNBA players, but none of them did that, well the ones that went to college. Unfortunately, on February 8, 2009, she stopped Pat Summit from getting her 1000th win, but yall knew she was gonna et it sometime. She averaged a double double and when you do that, you know your straight up legit! Every year she accumulated 100 Blocks. 100! She’s a player that the LA Sparks should have picked up!

Loree Moore. She’s one of the infamous Lady Vols. She joins a wonderful crowd from Tennessee. In her freshmen year with the Lady Vols, she in all 34 games. Every single one, which means she’s beast. As a sophomore she started in every single game she played. That is talent and skill. But not only did she start, she had a total of 145 assists to her teammates as well as grabbing 97 steals. She should be in jail right now because that should be ILLEGAL! Her junior year came to a screeching halt when she torn her ACL, a baller’s worst nightmare. After injury her knee, she came back out and released a 3 that put them up 60-51 against Duke. Before her injury, she started in all 17 gamges and averaged 7.9ppg 5.5 rpg and 2.8 apg. But honestly, her stats don’t do her justice! She runs the floor, hustles no matter what, and is always hands up on defense. She is a great trash collector. By that, I mean she’s the one that cleans up the defensive end with a rebound, she cleans up a hustle play with a great diving steal, or she keeps the offense going by saving an out of bounds ball. Her stats really don’t do her justice.

The LA Sparks are one of the oldest teams. Not only because this is their 15th year but they have and have had some of the best and greatest veterans. To name a few, Tamecka Dixon, Jeniffer Gilom, Mwadi Mabika, Tamika Whitmore, Sophia Witherspoon, Penny Toler and of couse, Lisa Leslie. The LA Sparks have some great current veterans such as Tina Thompson and Ticha Penicheiro. With their veterans, the return of Candace Parker, and their new aquistions, they should be the team to beat this season. That goes to show that you really don’t know what’s gonna happen during the season.

The Sparks are the team to beat, both east and west. They have everything they need to be the #1 seed in the WNBA. They have the ability to fire on all cylinders as well as shutting down every team on defense. On offense, everyone they have on their line up brings different things to the court. Ticha Penicheiro is one of THE BEST “assisters” in the WNBA. She averaged 6.9 rebounds this year for the sparks but is #1 in all time leaders for Assists Per Game. Her total assists, ever, is a great score of 2,398! She is accredited for at least 4,796 points and at most, 7194 points. Think about how many points that is… Candace Parker has been in the league for 2 years, and she is #9 in points per game. Now that’s amazing! She’s gonna come out on FIYA this year!


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