#3 Draft Pick: Courtney Vandersloot

Courtney Vandersloot came out as the #3 draft pick! The Chicago Sky scooped her up and I know they’re glad they did. Coach Pokey Chatman is gonna do great things with her squad this year. She grabbed Angie Bjorklund as well as Carolyn Swords and Amy Jaeschke. These rookies are gonna be joining some great players. Michelle Snow is now with the Sky and she is a great player! She has a lot of experience and she will bring that to the Sky’s team. She is a great factor on offense and defense. Chicago has resigned Erin Thorn as well. With the help of these rookies, the Chicago Sky will play better than before. If you thought they were good before, you won’t believe your eyes this season. No one can forget the #2 draft pick from 2008 Big Syl Fowles. She has yet to dunk, but I do believe that this year is THE YEAR! Maya Moore, you can forget being the 3rd in the league to dunk ha.

Courtney Vandersloot is like the Steve Nash of her Gonzaga team. If you watched her thread the needle, you would be blow out of your chair. When I watched it, I had to scream! She goes in ALL THE TIME! She will be mid air, then give a down low dish to a teammate. Or she may have the lead on a fast break see a teammate coming from behind and she’ll pass BEHIND THE BACK and have the perfect assists! You need to explain to me how this is all possible! Follow me on Twitter and you will be seeing plenty of videos of her.

But if you want some hard core stats, here they are: First of all, she’s a 5’8 guard. She’s basically in between as far as the WNBA is concerned. She is shorter than most but taller than a few. But I was always taught that size doesn’t matter. She was a 3 time West Coast Conference Player of the Year. In the West Coast Tournament, she was a 3 time MVP! If you didn’t know, or just forgot, MVP is Most Valuable Player! Most being of everyone!!! In 2010 she was the NCAA assist leader with 9.4 assists a game. A GAME! In 4 years of college, she’s dished out 1,078 assists. There are some great basketball players who haven’t had that under their belt.

First Thought: I was watching the draft with one of my friends and we were kinda tossed up between Amber Harris and Courtney Vandersloot as 3rd pick. Obviously, I had Courtney and he had Amber. I gave him all the reason why Chicago needed guard. They have too many great players for their not to be a Steve Nash on that team, and with that pick they got one. She thought Amber Harris because they wanted another Forward to get things done down low. Well we all know who was the #3 pick. Some people did admit that they were surprised. The only reason I knew what Chicago was doing is because I’m a strong follower of Gonzaga. I knew that Coach Chatman would be watching film and she would see who’s boss.

Final Statement:THE  Chicago Sky will blow your mind this year, so have 911 ready to call.


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