Around the WNBA: Chicago Sky

This year that the Chicago Sky are going to be an underdog team. Last year, they were the worst team in the Eastern Conference. They had a 14-20 record. But needless to say, the Eastern Conference is a great conference and competition is high. But this year, with everything that has been changing with this team, they will be another great Eastern Conference team.

The driving factor of any team is the Coaching Staff. Chicago has a new Coach, and that Coach is Pokey Chatman. I know everyone has been hearing different things about Pokey Chatman. Pokey Chatman is also the General Manager of the Sky as well. She coached the LSU Lady Tigers basketball team as well as coaching the overseas team Spartak Moscow women’s basketball team. So obviously she knows what she’s doing as far as coaching. She’s led LSU to the Final Four 4 times and she led Spartak to a 16-0 Euroleague record and a 2010 Euroleague Championship. She is a Coach that loves to Coach. She’s the type of coach that is gonna learn her players strengths and adjust her whole team so that their strengths are show at all times. She might have a 6’7 player being point guard if she feels that they can handle the ball better than anyone else. I know that sounds ridiculous but if this apparently is a strategy that works well for her. She’s gonna be a large factor in this 2011 Chicago Sky team.

The Sky have picked up some great rookies this year in the season. They all may not sign but she still made some great choices. The #3 overall pick was Courtney Vandersloot. I think that was an excellent decision to grab a guard. Especially with the passing ability that Courtney possesses. In the second round, their second selection in this draft was Carolyn Swords. She’s a 6’6 Center that does damage down low. Her career high points scored was 33 points, but she averaged 17.6 points her senior year as well as averaging 9 rebounds. She can fly through the paint, post you up,or she can take the quick jumper. She’s another great center that the Sky will possess. Angie Bjorklund is the 3rd pick. Bjorklund is another great Tennessee star. Angie Bjorklund leads Lady Vols in 3s made and in 3 attempts. That means she has made more 3s than Tamika Catchings, Candace Parker, Kara Lawson and everyone else. I would love to have someone that can drop 3s on demand. All it takes is one 3 to win a game. Their last selection in the 2011 WNBA Draft is Amy Jaeschke. She is a blocking machine. I would suggest that you don’t try to go up on her. Amy and Sylvia will have good times with their opponents. She is the 2nd person in Northwestern history to score a triple double. She scored 30 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and sent 10 shots away from her opponent Chicago State. Her career best points was 37 and her rebounding record was 17. She was an excellent Center for Northwestern and I know she will be the same player for the Chicago Sky.

Okay, enough about the rookies, let’s look at last years roster.

#8 Mistie Bass. As of right now, she is still a Free Agent, but I know they will scoop her before the season. She is too important not to attain.

#3 Dominique Canty. Every team needs a veteran and she is a great one. She’s gonna be a great leader for this young team.

#20 Shamecka Christon. Indeed, she is healthy now and I know she will add her style to this team

#34 Sylvia Fowles. This #2 draft pick in 2008 will undeniable blend well with the rookies as well as being the same defender and dominator as before.

#33 Cathrine Kraayeveld. She’s been Chicago for a year and she’s been wonderful. Although this past year may be a little rocky, I know she’ll fall into the swing of things this year.

#14 Eshaya Murphy. Although she’s been jumping around from team to team, she will settle in with this franchise and do great things.

#11 Jia Perkins. Is a important starter who brings intensity from the start of the game and leaves with nothing left.

#10 Epiphany Prince. This Rutgers star has been the same star in the WNBA and without a doubt will continue to stand out this year.

#4 Christie Thomas. Last year she brought incredible intensity off the bench last year and I know she’s gonna be that surge this year as well.

#5 Erin Thorn. She is another FA that the Chicago Sky will probably keep. She has experience and skill that activates this team.

With this roster, and the help of new additions, they will certainly be a great ball club. Honestly, they have everything they need in order to be a great team. Team Chemistry will be great this year. Everyone will fall into place and make this team chug like a train. With all the players and the coaching staff joining together this year, there’s nothing that this club can not do. They have everything they need in order be an All-Star team. They have new acquisitions  that will surge this team to where they will become.


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