Around the WNBA: San Antonio Silver Stars

Remember when the San Antonio Silver Stars were the Utah Starzz?  Those were some good years don’t you think? But it’s been some good years in Utah and Texas. But let’s fast forward to 2011. This is undeniably going to be one of the best WNBA seasons. This is year 15 and This is Around the WNBA: Silver Stars Edition.

Becky Hammon: Becky Hammon started her WNBA career as a back up point guard for the great Teresa Weatherspoon. She was astand out rookie although not drafted from the WNBA Draft. She balled with them until 2006 when she was traded to the San Antonio Silver Star and the rest was history! She’s one of the shortest guards in the WNBA but she is one of the best. Becky had one of her best years last year. As the Captain of her Silver Star team, she averaged 15.1 ppg and the year before that, she averaged 19.5 ppg. Her stats are very consistent, so she will be expected to throw down around the same stats or if not, more.  She is 436 points away from reaching 5000 points. In the last 3 years, she’s averaged 557 total points. In her career, she’s averaged 380 total points. With her total average she is 56 points away. She will definitely crack her 5000 total points this year. Well, enough about stats. Stats don’t say everything about a player. Becky Hammon is one of the best players around. Even though she doesn’t have any championships, she is one of the most experienced players. She’s been in the league for 12 years and in those 12 years she’s been a fan favorite. Although she is very experienced, she has other qualities as well, such as leadership. If you’ve ever seen her in game, you can see the advice that she gives to her teammates. I know in Training Camp, she is helping all her Rookies getting adjusted to the WNBA. Check out the WNBA for videos about Becky Hammon.  Think about Becky Hammon. You know she is one of best!!

Tully Bevilaqua: I don’t know how this happened, well I do but, Tully signed with the Silver Stars from Free Agency.  I’m sure San Antonio had no problems signing Tully, one of the best point guards out there. Instead of giving you straight stats, I’ll give you some opinion mixed with some stats. Tully has been in the league for 12 years.  In those 12 years, she has  played for 5 different teams. That obviously shows that she has experience. Experience means so much in this league and when you have it, it is effective. She is a great passer and can get the ball where it needs to go every time. She’s not just an offensive player, but she is a defensive player. She may be a short WNBA player, but she fights and hustles. You’re not gonna run by her without a fight to the rack. She’s the player that you don’t want to guard and the player that you don’ t want to be guarded by. Check out some highlights, and you’ll see what I mean.

Sophia Young: Sophia has only been in the WNBA for 5 years, but she has been a driving factor of this San Antonio Silver Stars team. She came out of Baylor which isn’t a largely popular team but they know how to shape some great players. Her stats are through the roof and she’s just a 5 year player. She’s been an All-Star 3 times in those few years as well. She’s started every single game that she’s ever played! That means she’s a beast, and has never been injured to the point where she can’t play. She also has insane rebound game which is what every team needs. But not only can she rebound, but she can assist her teammates. A big man well woman that can pass is always useful. SASS will definitely use her skills to their teams advantage. Don’t underestimate this team!

Rookies: The Silver Stars selected some great rookies for their roster. Their first pick in the draft was Danielle Robinson. She was selected as the 6th overall draft pick. She was selected from Oklahoma University where in her 4 years, she scored 2066pts, dished out 697 sts and grabbed 432 rebs. She is undeniably worth the 6th overall pick. In her first WNBA pregame, she scored 10 pts and gave 4sts. She is gonna be one of thebest rookies of this year. She is already showing leadership qualities and she has adjusted her game rapidly. Their next selection was Danielle Adams. Danielle just came off a championship win before being selected #20 in the 2011 draft. She was the Division 1 Women’s Player of the Year. If that doesn’t speak to you, then watch her play. You will see that she is one of the best college players. There’s no doubt that her post skills are ready for the WNBA. She has had one of the best season and there’s no doubt in my mind that she won’t carry that into the WNBA. She has the College Experience now all she needs is a few WNBA games under her belt and she’s a San Antoni Silver Star Machine. Their next pick was Porsha Philips from Georgia. She’s not the person that you want to foul. She shoots 73% from the line. Now I know you may think that number could be higher, but she has finished games with 90+% from the line. We all know that foul shots can when games. She was #1 in rebounding in the SEC. #1’s are good people to have on your team and she’s a number that you must have!

Head Coach: Dan Hughes has returned to San Antonio as the Head Coach and General Manager for 2011. He’s coached 3 different teams and in his coaching years, he has collected the 3rd most wins in the WNBA. He’s the only person in the WNBA to lead to franchises to the playoffs. The most important thing that a Coach needs is team chemistry and he clearly has that.I’m sure every last Silver Star, including fans, are glad to have him back.

Needs: According to the San Antonio Silver Stars Team Overview, they needed Guards as well as Low Post Scoring. With the Rookies that they have acquired and the acquisition of Tully Bevilaqua and Jia Perkins, they have quickly filled those needs. They are completely ready for this season. They are in need of nothing except a Championship and this may be the year in which they receive it.

This team is ready for a championship and I don’t think they are going to stop until that goal is reached! Good Luck Team.


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