Around the WNBA: Indiana Fever

Catch the Fever! You don’t wanna miss this season. There’s been a lot off season changes and hopefully they are for the better.

Current Roster: 

#24 Tamika Catchings

#0 Shannon Bobbitt

#50 Jessica Davenport

#23 Katie Douglas

#43 Shyra Ely

#20 Briann January

#31 Jessica Moore

#10 Jene Morris

#34 Abi Olajuwon

#13 Erin Phillips

#32 Jeanette Pohlen

#5 Tangela Smith

#8 Tammy Sutton-Brown

#1 Shavonte Zellous

Whew! That was a lot of names. But so far, this roster seems to be a good roster. They have everything they need in order to succeed. They don’t truly lack in any position.


#41 Tully Bevilaqua

#16 Ebony Hoffman

These 2 players did so much for the Fever. These 2  losses were 2 tough losses. Ebony Hoffman did the miraculous for the Fever. She was a great Forward and a great Center. She could hit a mid-range jumper in your face, or she could take you to the bucket and score. On the other side of the spectrum, you had Tully Bevilaqua, one of the WNBA’s best point guards. She had so much court awareness that she didn’t have to think about where the players were,she just knew where they would be and at what time. There’s no doubt in my mind that they will be missed, but I do believe that the Fever can do it without them.

New Signings: The Fever have received Tangela Smith from the Phoenix Mercury. They signed her as a free agent. She was a great Center that will be missed greatly but will be welcomed to the Indiana team. She’s one of the most experienced players in the WNBA. She’s been in the league for 13 years and in those 13 years, she’s been a crucial part to all the teams she’s played for. She’s an EXCELLENT defensive rebounder and that’s where you want rebounds. That’s a great place to start offense. She not only starts the offense, but once on the offensive side of things, she sparks it. She can take a terrible play and make it a great one in a matter of seconds. She knows the game and how to change it in her favor.

Rookies: Indiana made a very smart decision by choosing Jeanette Pohlen as their first round selection. She is a great cross over guard. She can be played at the 2 position or at the 3. Either position is a strong position for her. With her speed and agility, she should fit into this Fever team well. I’m sure Tamika Catchings and Katie Douglas are leading her down the path of greatness.

Training Camp: The Fever signed UT graduate Shannon Bobbitt to training camp. Shannon started her WNBA career in LA alongside UT teammate Candace Parker. I would love to start the season playing with an original WNBA team and with one of the greatest WNBA players. She was molded into the great guard that she is now. There is no doubt in my mind that the Fever will continue to sculpt her into a great WNBA star. They also signed Shyra Ely who came from Tennessee. She was acquired from Chicago. She has played with different teams and her stats have been consistent. She isn’t a starter but she adds a great spark off the bench. Abi Olajuwon is another Oklahoma player in the WNBA. The picked up a good player from Chicago. Although she didn’t play much in her previous year, she is expected to do great things. She is a quick scorer. It doesn’t take long for her to accumulate stats. She is gonna be a power house for this Indiana Team.

Bottom Line: The IF suffured some hard losses in their Guard and Forward positions. They have regained some of that but not all. Although they are missing Ebony Hoffman, and Tully Bevilaqua, they are going to be the same team as before, if not a little better.


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