Chicago Sky/Indiana Fever Pregame Blog 6/4


Chicago against Indiana. 2 neighboring teams facing off at 7 tonight. I am so ready for this game. Both of these teams are basically alike. Here’s why.

Chicago is a young team. They don’t have too many vets. Their oldest player is Dominique Canty and she isn’t that old of a player. She is a and respectable baller! She adds a lot of flavor to this team and she keeps this team running. She’s like the motor, with out her the team stops. Another great player and new edition is Michelle Snow. She came from Tennessee and  ever sense her entrance into the WNBA, she’s been on point. I don’t doubt in any way that she will continue to be the great Snow Tyme with this Chicago team. Chicago also has a plethora of Rookies as well. Angie Bjorklund, Carolyn Swords, and Courtney Vandersloot. All these rookies have made it past training camp and are clearly wanted on this roster. They will all step into this team bringing their unique skills with them. Epiphany Prince is a 1 year player who has lead this team since she’s been in the league along side Sylvia Fowles and Tamera Young. These younger players are making the Sky! We’ll see how team chemistry works out around 7 et.

Catch the Fever! The fever are ready for this season. They’ve had a tough training camp and they’ve let go of some people in order to cut down their roster, but they seems as though they are ready to rock! Tamika Catchings is one of the All-Star players on this Indiana team. She played in the NBA Celebrity game and I know she’s been busy this off season. She is going to be the power house of this Fever squad. She needs to score earlier and set the town so Chicago doesn’t run the pace. Tamika is also a great defender. She lets no one get an easy bucket. You work for everything when your up against he. Katie Douglas is another All-Star player on this team. She has great court awareness and can knock down shots when you need her to. She’s the one you give the ball to when your in a tough situation. Briann January is a player that is gonna have to step up in order this team to go far. She has all the skill she needs, she just needs to find that leadership ability and use it. Jeanette Pholen is the only Indiana rookie. She made it through training camp so apparently she has something special about her game. She will definitely prove herself in tonights game. Fever also acquired Tangela Smith from Phoenix this year. She is going to be the Center of attention. She is tall and lanky, no offense, but she is very scrappy. She fights for every rebound and with those rebounds, she’s going to start a fastbreak will end in points scored. This team is well equipped regardless of losses and they will fight to the finish.

If I had to chose a team to win, I would say that Indiana is going to pull this one out. Good luck and don’t miss the game coming on at 7et


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