Mercury Seattle Pre-game Blog

Western Conference Finals Rematch! This is gonna be a good game yall.  Don’t miss it!  Tip off is in lest then an hour

Phoenix is going to be a great team this year no doubt. They had a good season last year but they will improve! Corey Gaines I’m sure is thirst for another C-ship as well as the Phoenix team. First of all the face of the Mercury has been CLEARED! Diana Taurasi is suiting up in a mercury jersey this season and probably every season to come. She has a chip on her shoulder and she’s gonna show it tonight. To all the upset fans out there, watch her play for Phoenix. To all the haters, sit down, shut up and watch the game! Penny Taylor and Diana Taurasi were both back in the states early so they are well rested and ready to play for this season. Not to mention, Candice Dupree got her off season work out with the angels. She is going to make the Phoenix team! She is a great player a really great player. She has blossomed into a wonderful player since she’s been with phoenix and she has made herself a part of the big 3. Tangela Smith is in Indiana now but Dewanna Bonner will truly step up! She was so explosive off the bench and I know she is about to hone her skills. I think she sill start tonight and bring Phoenix into a different era! Phoenix structurally is all ready a better team so we’ll see how they do on the court.

Seattle is a championship team, we obviously know they. They say they aren’t trying to repeat but we all know they are gonna go for it. They have in their possession LJ a 3 time MVP. They have the perfect chemistry! They haven’t lost any one of their championship members so their team is the same. Everyone else’s team has changes so we’ll see what they do against other teams. Swin Cash was a free agent but she decided to stay and Brian allowed her to as well. Sue Bird is still the best Bird out there. She’s still Buzzer Beating Bird. That is their big 3 but that have much more than that! Le’Coe Willingham is coming off of 2 championships. Phoenix then Seattle. I’m sure she has all the Championship thirst as well. But she is a force to be wrecking with. She is a great rebounder and a fast center that can get down the court just like guard. She is crucial to this team success. Camille Little often under looked but she is turly a great player! She added so man quick points that catapulted Seattle passed some of their opponents. She needs to be guarded because she is a triple threat! Seattle all together has everything they need in order to win this game as well.

If I had to choose a team to win, I would have to say Phoenix is going to dominate. They have too much passion and too much to prove for Seattle to handle. This game will be close but I think Phoenix will win by 5.

Good day mates.


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