Sparks/Lynx Pregame Blog

The Sparks play the Lynx in the opening WNBA game. This is gonna be a battle for both teams. You have some of the best players facing each other. #1 draft pick Maya Moore will take on Candace Parker.

Candace is completely healthy and I’m sure she’s thirsty for a championship. Not only is Candace thirsty, but the team is thirsty! This is their 15th year what better way to celebrate?! Ebony Hoffman is a great asset for this team as well. She doesn’t have a ring either but I know she is ready for one. But aside from being thirsty, LAS has everything they need in order to go all the way. Besides, who’s gonna stop them?! Sparks have always been a good team and who’s to say they won’t this year. Seattle indeed won 25 last year, but I can’t say they will do that again this year. Phoenix may put up a fight but Sparks will conquer.

Sparks have all the assets to win this game. I would be shocked if they lose.

Maya Moore is playing in her first WNBA game. Preseason is different from an actual game. It is more intense and there’s more riding on it. She seemed to handle pressure well in college helping UConn win 89 consecutive games, so I’m sure she adjusted well to the WNBA pace. She may continue the streak in the WNBA but only time will tell us that.

The Lynx are a young team aside from their few veteran players. They have 2 great rookies and Ice is back this year. They have speed and can get down the court, but they aren’t that tall. A tall team almost garuntees rebounds but they aren’t that tall of a team. Even they’re forwards are generally small. LAS will definitely our rebound them! They might have more fast break points because they are a smaller faster team.

I would have to chose LAS to win one. They will win by 8 or more. I don’t see this being a close game just because LAS is a versatile team. They don’t have one set assignment. By this I mean they can rebound, fastbreak, etc. Basically LAS will play their own game and the Lynx probably won’t be able to run with them.

We’ll see how the game unfolds. Don’t miss it!


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