Tulsa Shock/San Antonio Silver Stars PreGame Blog



San Antonio Silver Stars!! Based on the way you see it, they are one of the Original teams. The Silver Stars are gonna be a good team this year. They were a good team last year. With the addition of Tully Bevilaqua, Danielle Adams, Porsha Philips and Danielle Robinson they should have a great new start. These new additions are going to the change the Silver Stars as we know them. Sophia Young, Ruth Riley and Becky Hammon we’re the leaders last year, and I believe they will be the leaders this year as well. They all have the scoring ability to win games but with the support of the rest of their team, they will be a great foundational team. The Silver Stars, have not made it to the championship game and this would be a great year in order to do that.

Tulsa Shock. They have made some decisions and Coach Richardson seems confident in those decisions. Their roster is at 11 and they have a widespread team. They have 4 rookies including #2 draft pick Elizabeth Cambage, Chastidy Reed, Miranda Ayim, and Kayla Pederson. They picked up 2 forwards and 2 centers. They need players in both these positions. They have 3 regular guards in Ivory Latta, Marion Jones and Andrea Riley as well as havinga F/G cross in Sheryl Swoops.

San Antonio is winning this game! I would be SHOCKED if they didn’t.


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