Washington Mystics/Connecticut Sun Pregame Blog

Another great East match-up.

Washington has everything they need in order to beat the Sun as well as making it to the Final Four. They truly possess everything including a coach that knows how to use the teams assets. They lost Katie Smith and Lindsey Harding but they can do it without them. They were a great addition to the team but they didn’t make the team. You will definitely see different people stepping up and taking the team into their own hands. Their roster is at 11 and we are gonna pray that none of their players get injured. If they suffer injuries, their team would spiral down rapidly. Alana Beard is completely healthy and I know she’s ready to be back in action. She’s gonna bring a fire and intensity to the floor that they were lacking last year. They have 4 eager rookies which will propel them as well. Matee Ajavon has always been a great player for this team, she is definitely going to make a difference in the team. We can’t forget about Monique Currie. She is one of the most experienced players on  the Team and she will lead this team along side Alana and new acquisition Kelly Miller. Kelly indeed is without her sister, but she will bring the same great style of play to her team as she did in previous years. Only time will tell how this team is actually going to do and we will see that at 7 tonight.

Connecticut Sun is another team that has everything they need in order to well in the in the season as well as the post season. They have one of the best rebounders in the league which is Tina Charles. She was an important part to the UConn success and she brought her skill to the WNBA. She will definitely be their leading scorer and the suns will look to keep the ball in her hands. Not to mention they have Renee Montgomery as well! She by herself can make a team great. She has great skill and agility and she will conquer this season. They still have vet Kara Lawson who will add experience to the team. She will make sure everyone stays together on the court. Danielle McCray is their only rookie and she’s going to bring a new style to the team. She’s gonna be a nice addition to this Connecticut team.

My choice to win: Washington Mystics are gonna use ever asset they have to take this win. Good luck tonight ladies.


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