First Liberty/Dream game ends in OT

That was one of the most suspenseful games of my life! I knew that the Liberty was a better team, but Atlanta was running them at some points. During the entire game, I was on the edge of my seat! The transition buckets kept the game going. Then all the calls and timeouts only elongated the game.

First of all the MVP of this game. Drum roll…………….PLENETTE PIERSON!! She had a double  double with 25 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists as well as 1 steal. Now those are some great  stats but it wasn’t only stats. She had a great presence for the Liberty. She was ridiculous in this  game! She all out balled. She was the hardest fighter on this team this game. She created so  many plays of her hustling and prevented ATL scores by hustling. That’s a player you want on  your team. Hustle wins games, not laziness. She made several big plays towards the end of the 4th quarter. She kept the team in the game regardless of what anyone said. I couldn’t even count how many times @Piers33_news tweeted that Plenette had a great play. I know she mentioned that she Pump Faked, drove and laid it in all in 3 seconds. That is ridiculous and it really helped the team surge into OT. She played 42 plus minutes and I know that was taxing on her but she surely didn’t show it. She played like the WNBA star she is!!!

Cappie Pondexter really shocked me tonight! She passed so much this game, like more than ever before! I was expecting her to come out scoring like the Female Black Mamba but she worked on her Steve Nash game! She had 11 assists!! She also had 12 points which earned her a Double Double. Cappie was low on points and high in assists, that truly was a different person. She really got her team involved in every possession. She was in no way selfish. She scored when she needed to but even then she dished to other players to make the big plays. She did a really great job in this opener!

Nicole Powell was another big scorer in this game. She racked up 17 points. She helped the team throughout the entire game!! She helped send the game to over time with great 3 to tie the game! That racked up her 17th point. She really showed Atlanta not to sleep on her. She had so many clutch plays that it was hard to count! She was another power house in this Liberty Overtime win.

Now let’s get off the Liberty and change to the Atlanta dream. Atlanta played without Angel McCoughtry who did not dress because of an injury. But even without her, Atlanta was still a good team. Everyone contributed to their semi-success. Atlanta could have one the game but the better team always wins in OT. They were leading most of this game but silly mistakes caused them to lose. They did everything correct except their defense wasn’t on point. They could have and should have stop the Liberty if they wanted to win. I would have to choose as Armintie Price their MVP. She didn’t start, but she brought so much intensity off the bench. She was clearly the X-Factor for this Dream team. Honestly, I wasn’t expected her to do this much damage but she did and it was a pleasant surprise. Her stats don’t jump off the page but she really contributed.

 Sancho Lyttle  had 18 points in this game as well as grabbing 11 rebounds and dishing 5 assists.  She really fueled the dream. She clearly put up the most effort for the team. You can feel that  she wanted this win. Sancho played her heart out and I’m sure she’s hurt the most by this loss.  Izzy is one of the fastest players in the WNBA for her to be a Guard/Forward. The liberty weren’t  able to stop her which is why she had 19 pts. She is an experienced player and she clearly is  leading this team into the game that she players. Every single one of these dream players have  taken part of Izzy into their game. They are picking up different characteristics that Izzy uses to  her advantage. She is really stepping up to be a leader.

Linsday Harding really made a difference!! She is bringing a lot of different things to the table for  this team. She clearly acted as the PG that the dream needed. In this game her and Armintie        went hand and hand. She ran down the court every time she got the ball. She went from coast to  coast and a lot of that quickness and speed led to an Atlanta score.

Both of these teams did different things in this game and I’m sure they are going to bring the same thing when they play again. This was a great game! I know yall already know who won but make sure yall check out the game! you will exactly what I’m talking about in all these players and these Teams. Liberty pulled out a great game and they will have to go hard to win the next one.


2 responses

  1. The Dream are not the same team without Angel.

  2. It’s a great win but we gotta do a better job of getting steals,make teams make tough shots,doing things by committee and closing out games but I like the way everybody carried the offensive load other Cappie that’s what they to do if they wanna get back to the playoffs when everybody contributing on both ends of the floor.

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