Silver Stars Win BIG!



2 thumbs up to San Antonio. The final score was 93-73 with the SAS win. They started out rocky, trailing to Tulsa by as much as 8 I believe, then they started rolling into action.



San Antonio really put in work on this game and the Box Score shows it. They outscored Tulsa in 3 of the 4 quarters. The 3rd quarter, they were outscored but they quickly rebound in the 4th.  Becky Hammon is my MVP . She was going HAM on this Tulsa team. If you saw some of the shots that she made or some of the plays you created, you would call her the Female Iceman. She racked up 18 points and 5 assists. Even though her stats have been better, I don’t know if there’s a game she played better in. Honestly, she was great! She really shocked me on the court. I thought she was going to have another average game, but she went above and beyond. She made this ridiculous in the 3rd quarter. She was falling out of bounds near the baseline and shot it. Just like Iceman, it went in! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was literaltly unbelievable. If she plays the same way she did in this next as she did last night, sorry Tulsa but that’s another The leading scorer for all teams was Sophia Young. She had 2o points which fueled this team, but her defense was impeccable as well. She

 very unpredictable. She shot from every where on the court and guarded everyone at some point. There weren’t many times in which players went around her. But there were many times that she went around players. Tulsa had a really hard time defending her which is why she had such a good game. Another person that really stepped up on this team was Jia Perkins. She really showed everyone how it was done. She came of the bench and scored 17 points which is more than some starters. She had 3 steals, 2 rebounds, as well as 2 assists. She truly kept this team alive on the defensive in. She is the best Defensive player on the team. She was ALL OVER the court. She went from coast to coast without the ball which sometimes is better. She was on the ball and off the ball with the same intensity. She was clearly the X-Factor for San Antonio.

Tulsa….Liz Cambage tried to get into the game and vie back but came up short. She scored 18 points and grabbed 10 rebounds racking up her first WNBA double double. Amber Holt als odid a great job on the court! She had 11 points and 8 rebounds. She was very close to a double double. But even though she didn’t accomplish that goal, she still did phenomenal things for this team. She also produced a lot of  Tulsa defensive shots. She only had 2 turnovers which was a great stat. She was one of the best player sin this game.

Ivory Latta came up big. Indeed, Liz Cambage scored more than her, IV clearly played better. She scored 15 points, grabbed 1 rebound and dished out 2 assists. You may think her stats are low, but she definitely kept Tulsa in this, even though they really weren’t in it. She got everyone involved in this game which allowed them to play as team. SAS  was just a better team. She played 35 minutes, and shot 2-3 from the line as well as 6-11 from the field. That seems like a long time to rack up those scores but like I said she made clear that she was gonna get her team involved in this. She is the TUL MVP! You should all watch the game to see her go about her team.


If San Antonio plays the same way they did next game, it will be another blow out. I hope Tulsa  can compose themselves better than what they do, if they don’t, its gonna be a long season.




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