Minnesota Lynx/Tulsa Shock PreGame Blog 6/7

Minnesota has been a good team this year. The with gaining Maya Moore and having Ice Wiggins back, they are really going to work. I wasn’t really convinced they were gonna be good, but they’ve proved some different things to me. They’ve had a lot of people step up including Rebekkah Brunson. She really shocked me but she added a lot of flavor to the Minnesota team. She is in the Race for the MVP in Week 1. So we’ll see how she does throughout the rest of the season.

Seimone Augustus is obviously one of the Lynx Stars. She really helped Minnesota run by LA in their last game. Seimone averages 11.5 points which is enough to help this Lynx team. She really is a great leader on this team and creates plays from no where. She may not always score, but she is always involved! Anther great asset to this team is Amber Harris. She has had great games in her WNBA career. She really adds intensity of the Bench. She could definitely be the X-Factor for this team. When she came in you could tell she was a little nervous but she really fell into place. She was definitely a great selection from the All the hype is about Maya Moore. She’s had some great games, but she isn’t a phenomenal player yet. She is gonna have to step up more if the Lynx want to continue to win. I’m curious to see the Match-up between her and Liz Cambage. Maya has had some great games. Candice Wiggins is indeed injured and she’s wearing her gear, but this shouldn’t hold her back. She’s gonna need to be the same player she was for this team before she was injured. She will definitely be a intrgual part of this team once she gets into the game.

Tulsa needs to stop all the turnovers and play solid defense while focusing on their offense. I’m sure Coach Richardson goes through exactly what they need to do to win. Everyone needs to take control of their own game and go in and score. They seem to be relying on other players, but they need to make their own plays. Also, Tulsa really needs to work on execution. Plays always work, it’s just about execution. There’s also defensive execution that needs to be attended to. They are sloppy on defense and the rebounds. Rebounds are all heart, and until they get the heart for the game, things won’t fall into place.

I’m gonna say that Minnesota is gonna win this by a margin.


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