Weekend East/West MVP

This has been a WNBA weekend full of action. Here’s your MVPs

Plenette Pierson was the top scorer in the East this WNBA weekend. She scored 25 points in a single game. Almost every time Plenette got her hands on the ball, she scored or attempted to score. She didn’t just get the ball and shoot, she created her own play. She scored in a different way every time. She no DOUBT left everything on the court. She pump faked, then drove, or she took the floater, or she just caught the ball and shot. She brought everything to that game.

She also grabbed 10 rebounds racking up a double double. She grabbed 5 offensive and 5 defensive. Those 5 offensive fouls lead to Liberty scores which added 10 points to their score. Her defensive rebounds also lead to Liberty fast breaks. She really created a lot of players with her rebounds and without those, Liberty wouldn’t have won.

To go with those other numbers, she had 3 assists as well as 1 steal. These may seem low, but those stats come at a timely manner. One of those assists was to Sidney Spencer which sent the game to overtime! That was definitely timely. She is just a triple threat!

She really fueled this team. Yes, there were other contributers to this win, but her’s was the most important. The role she took on will be demonstrated through out the season, no doubt. With her as the backbone of this Liberty team, they are going to the Championships!


Candace Parker was the best player in the Western Conference this week. She’s averaged 15 points in her first 2 games. I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is, What about Diana Tauras? Diana scored 31 points yes, but the rest of her stat sheet was empty. Candace really contributed to her team. 15 points is a solid number when you dish out assists and grab rebounds as much as Candace does.

Ace averages 8.5 rebounds so far which is more than most. With those rebounds, she’s either starting a fastbreak, cleaning up a shot her teammates throw up, or she’s grabbing her own rebound and going up again. She is one of the best rebounders in the league. When her rebounds are low, points are low because no matter what side she snatches them on, they lead to points.

Candace also averages 3 assists. Similar to Plenette, she has those assists in timely occasions. There’s times where she’s unselfish and will pass the ball to open teammate instead of fighting for something that isn’t there. She might be the one going Coast to Coast producing a new play and dishing it to a teamamte. Candace can act as any position on the court. She is a true chameleon. Parker also averages 1.5 blocks and 1 steal. It isn’t solely about the stats, its about how you use your stats to your advantage. She really uses her body, skills, and basketball wisdom to do as much as she can on the court. She isn’t just worried about herself, she involves her team.


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