Liberty/Fever Pregame Blog

New York is going to be a great team! They have so many great threats such as Plenette Pierson and Cappie Pondexter. They also have Kia Vaughn and Essence Carson. Shoot! They’re whole team is good!! They are definitely one of, if not, the best teams in the WNBA. Last game they played went into overtime with the Atlanta Dream. The liberty fought back to send it into to overtime then went on to take the game. Every person on this team showed antoher side to them that no one had ever seen before and that is why they won!

Indiana played a great game against Chicago to cap the win. Katie Douglas and Tamika Catchings tag-teamed in that win. They both put up great numbers to contribute to the win. Tangela Smith was the best contributor! She had key points, rebounds, and defensive stops! She was a great signing in the offseason. Coach Dunn really knows what’s she’s doing. Briann January stepped into the leadership role!! She really gave this team the ability to fight to the end and win. I love the way she played but she also had a back up guard to do this same. Shannon Bobbitt came from a Pat Summit coached UT and she played exactly how she did in College. She passed, shot, stole and everything else she needed to do! She was another great contributor to this win. I’m curious to see how she’s gonna play.

Although the Indiana Fever are a good team, I am expected the Liberty to win.


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