Mystics win in OT against Dream 98-90

Mystics win big in OT! They we’re powered by the Big 3 this game and the better team always wins in OT and the Mystics proved that last night! The lead switched many times before Kelly Miller hit the game tie shot. This was the underdog but they did their part by making it into overtime and winning where they knew they could.

Crystal Langhorne, Nicky Anosike and Matee Ajavon all had SPECTACULAR games! This is the first time I’ve actually said there were 3 MVPs but these ladies really deserve it. Nicky Anosike continues to amaze me. She WAS NOT playing like this in Minnesota and I’m glad she was traded so they she could showcase her many talents. She scored a whopping 29 points! She definitely contributed to this teams win she not only scored 29 points, but she grabbed 13 rebounds most of which were on the defensive end. She also had 2 assists and 2 steals contributing even more! She played for 43 almost 44 minutes and she didn’t seem like her game changed at all.






Her game was contagious because Crystal Langhorne caught it! She scored 30 points top both teams in scoring. She was 2 points away from leading the WNBA. She shot and made a lot of key shots that propelled the Stx. She has been this all-star player in both games she’s played. She wasn’t just points though, she was also rebounding well. She grabbed 13 rebounds throughout the game and like Anosike, she had more Defensive than Offensive. All of her rebounds either lead another possession, points for her team, or a put back for her. None of her boards were wasted. To add some more stats to her line, she had 3 assists and 2 steals. She had another great game.





Matee Ajavon is not to be left out either. She had a great game as well. Matee came up big in the scoring section with 24 points. This is really where she excelled. She was the go to woman for most of this game. Coming into the game, Nicky Anosike seemed she was going to rise above but as the game continued, Matee took the reigns and ran with them. She was typically in the back court when the rebound was grabbed so she could get the easy shot but she did record 1 defensive rebound. But while others were rebounding, she was grabbing the steals. She finished the game with 5 steals with excellent timing! She really helped this team go into overtime with her quick defensive plays. She also helped her teammates out by dishing 5 assists. She had an excellent game!

K. Miller and K. Gardin came up big as well! Miller had some key shots that lead into overtime where her team capped the win. Gardin really showed off her defensive skills at timely moments which also helped her to into overtime where they showed they were the better team.

Atlanta…Atlanta….Atlanta. By going into OT in all your games says that you can’t finish. Everyone was expecting the Dream to go on a 10-0  run so that could close the game, but if never came. The Mystics sealed this one for the Dream. Atlanta needs to work on closing games or their season will have a lot of  checks in the L column. Erika de Souza was the MVP of these team. She kept her composure throughout the game even when Izzi went down with the injury. She scored 20 points, grabbed 15 rebounds, and had 1 steal. She was the top contributor this Atlanta loss.

In this next match-up, I see the Stx running this team again!


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