San Antonio/Tulsa Pregame Blog

San Antonio had a great game last time out! Becky Hammon, Sophia Young, and Jia Perkins all had spectacular games to seal the win. This game was a well executed game. The Silver Stars can play the exact same way they did in their last encounter and still win the game. Tulsa on the other hand needs a lot of improvement.

Tulsa turned the ball over 28 times. 28 Times!! That’s ridiculous.  No team should max that out, seriously. Regardless of whether SAS scored on every possession, they still got that extra possession that could potentially lead to another bucket. Last time I checked, another bucket for the opposing team is a bad thing… They only shot 37.7% from the field. That isn’t a good FG percentage. They need to at least make it into the 40’s. Instead of firing a quick shot, work the ball around and look for a better higher percentage shot. Tulsa missed so many lay-ups! That should not be happening at all. Those are easy buckets that have to be thrown down. If you can’t make those bunny shots, you don’t need to win. Tulsa also needs to work on getting the ball to the not “it” people. Kayla Pederson is a great baller but she doesn’t really get the chance. Chasity Reed is another great player that doesn’t get a chance. Tusla, STEP IT UP!!


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