Silver Stars defeat Dream 86-74

The name of this game was Danielle Adams! She was this San Antonio team. She definitely did not play like a Rookie! She scored 32 points by herself! 32 points?! That is great for a Rookie. I was truly surprised that picked so low in the draft, especially being from Texas A&M. As a rookie, I’m sure she was expected to fall back and come off the bench with some energy. But as a rookie, in this game, she took a Leadership position. She lead the team in points, offensive rebounds, and defensive rebounds. That’s 3 categories where no one was remotely close to her in any of these stats. She grabbed 2 offensive rebounds, 5 defensive rebounds, 1 assist and she blocked 1 shot. This rookie won the MVP.

Becky Hammon also played a big role in this game. She didn’t have 32 points but someone had to pass to Danielle. She had 8 assists and 8 points. Although Danielle was the leader, Becky Hammon was like the co-captain. She brought her own energy to the game which pushed SAS passed the Dream as well. Sophia Young and Ruth Riley both scored 12 points in this win and they were also the next top scorers. They combined to grab 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and 7 blocks.

Atlanta, I don’t really have anything to say. Angel McCoughtry was back this game, but it apparently she didn’t help. Erika de Souza was the MVP of this team. If it wasn’t for her, Atlanta would’ve truly been blown out. She didn’t have a spectacular amount of points, but she did have a double double. She scored 10 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. Her rebounds kept Atlanta in this game. Atlanta….


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