Liberty vs. Dream Pregame Blog

New York Liberty!! I am so ready to see them again. They have been playing like champs. I must say that they will be going places in this season. They have only lost one game and they played excellent in that game.

They have some of the best Players on their team, they truly do. Cappie Pondexter has been STUNNING with the Liberty. She was good with the Mercury, but she is amazing with New York. Her averages don’t show how much she actually does. Yes, her averages are great but they don’t adequately sum up her game. Her averages say that she scores 15.3ppg, 2.3rpg, and 6 apg. Even though that’s straight up her average, she does more than her average each game which means that is definitely gonna sky rocket.

Plenette Pierson has truly stepped up her game and she has been great! People hated on her for the longest, but she honestly did almost the exact same thing in that game. She is a great baller and her intensity level is above and beyond everyone. She’s another players who’s stats do not define her! She is always switched on and she stays on throughout the entire game. She averages18ppg, .7rpg, and 2.3apg. I truly love her style of play. Her style of game is definitely contagious. She keeps everyone on their toes.

Their X-Factor is Essence Carson. Everyone sleeps on her but she is truly a great factor of this game. In her last game, she score 23 points, BY HERSELF. Her points don’t show her presence. She may not pass the ball for an assists, but she passes the ball that creates points. She is definitely like Lamar Odom. She is just such a great player.

I could go on talking about Liberty because everyone on their team can be about it. They all can do everything and I love that in a team. Atlanta on the other hand, not so much.

Atlanta really has not impressed me, from game to game. I don’t know what to say about them. They truly need to get it together or they won’t have many wins in their season. They can’t finish a game and until they do, they won’t win.

I definitely for see a Liberty win especially after their last loss. Let’s go Liberty


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