Week 1: Eastern/Western MVPs

This was the first official week of WNBA basketball. Here are your MVPs:


Rebekkah Brunson has been the MVP for 2 weeks in a row. She has brought it for every game in every game! She averages a double double and it’s not like it’s not like 10 and 10 she scores 14.8ppg and 14rpg. Her presence is always known on the court. She can shoot, pass, and rebound. Now I must admit, she doesn’t have the most assists, but she does everything else. She has been the most consistent throughout the league. Rebekkah Brunson’s name has been said SEVERAL times in every game that she’s played. She is the X-Factor of this team. Every team needs one and Minnesota has one of the best.

In her last game, she brought that Brunson speed and Brunson game. She honestly made their game. They defeated Seattle 81-74. In that game, she scored 22 points an grabbed 14 rebounds. In that game, she scored the most and she rebounded the most earning the MVP of that game as well. She is truly showing that she is a star and it isn’t about Seimone and Lindsey. She came out this season on top and I don’t see her dropping down anytime.


Cappie Pondexter had a spectacular game in their win over Indiana. She had a miraculous shot at the end of that game that really won it for them. They won that game 81-80. Cappie scored 21 points in 33 minutes. She also dished out 6 points racking up 3 assists as well as grabbing 3 essential rebounds. She played the most in that game and she contributed the most.

Her winning this MVP isn’t just because she did great in that game, she as been consistent. The next day, Cappie and the Liberty did lose against Indiana. This may be taken in a negative way, but it is true. Cappie really contributed to their loss. She aided this team so much even though they lost. In this loss, she score 13 points, and dished out 8 points grabbing 4 assists. She also grabbed 1 rebound and 2 steals.

New York takes on Atlanta tonight at 7 and I do believe that Cappie will have the same type of game.


4 responses

  1. You’re such a homer. lol

    I would have picked Fowles in the East.

    1. you have your opinion, we have ours. Cappie did more for her team this week.

  2. Cappie needs some time to get back being that offensive threat but I’m glad that other players step up but we need Cappie to be Cappie like Dirk gimme the damn ball and I’ll take over and get my teammates involved because what you do in the first half of the season will probably determine the outcome to see if ready to damage to make a playoff push or go home empty handed so please Liberty just get it together even though it’s long season because right now it’s look like Indiana may win the Eastern Conference unless Atlanta try to stop them so again let’s get it together or we’ll have to wait ’til next year.

    1. Cappie is doing what no other guard has done yet this season. She refuses to be ball hog, and she wants to get her team involved. She has done that every game. Now sure, you can say last nights game was not the best in her career, but what player does not have a great game everyday? This performance for the Liberty is not surprising to me at all. However, it does not have me worried either. People forget this is a very NEW team and very very YOUNG team. Even with better players, such as last year, we still struggled in the beginning of the season. Everything is new for this team, but i believe in Coach Whiz, after all he is a #winning coach. Liberty will get better, just have to believe in them.

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