Chicago suffers a heat stroke to Connecticut 83-68

Connecticut had a great win and they really deserved it. Chicago just won over Liberty, but they didn’t play the same game, otherwise they would have won. Connecticut just played a better game throughout. Even when Chicago started to surge, they kept their game the same and it proved to be better than Chicago.

Tina Charles had a spectacular game against Chicago. She didn’t shock me because her stats are always out the roof, but she did impress me once again. She’s a UConn baller and she was playing like she was playing some of her college foes. She wasn’t afraid to take any shots or to make any extra hustle plays and everything. She just played like she was a veteran. I watched the game and from the beginning to the end, she was ON IT! She scored 31 points to lead both the teams in scoring. She shot 63% from the line and 62% from the the field. She also grabbed 12 rebounds and 8 of those were on the defensive end. She had a great game and she deserves to be the MVP of this team.

Kara Lawson really showed up in this game, she truly shocked me. I didn’t think she was going to do much but she proved me wrong. She stepped up to score 13 points. She was 100% from the line, 75% from long range, and 50% from the field. She really made a difference. She also grabbed 7 rebounds, dished out 3 assists, and stole 1 ball. Asjha Jones was another great player in this game. She scored 12 points, grabbed 3 rebounds, dished out 4 assists, and stole 2 balls from the defense. Their entire team heped in this win even though they were fueled by Tina.

Chicago fought hard, but they came up short. Sylvia Fowles had another great game. She played like Tina Charles in this game, but Charles played a little better. Sylvia scored 23 points and grabbed 10 rebounds racking up a double double. She also stole 3 balls and dished 1 assist. She was 86% from the line and 47% from the field. Another great person that went hard for this team was Epiphany Prince. She scored 18 points and grabbed 4 rebounds as well as dishing 2 assits and stealing 4 balls from her opponent. They had a good rally but couldn’t continue.


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