The Sparks top Seattle 74-50

That Sparks took this game early and they didn’t let go until the last buzzer rang! Man, this was such a good game!!

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The Sparks didn’t have just one MVP. Their entire Bench as their MVP. The Sparks starters were able to relax and depend on their bench. Krisit Toliver, Ebony Hoffman and Jantel Lavender came off the bench with double digits! First of all Kristi Toliver went so hard this game! She came out ballin! She did everything as if she were a starter. Her and Ace had fun on the Seattle team. She scored 11 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. She also dished out 5 assists and stole 2 balls from the D. She was out there repping Terp Nation. Jantel Lavender did NOT play like a Rookie. She looked like she was in her backyard playing with her cousins not playing on veterans. She wasn’t afraid to shoot at all. If she got the ball she might do a move to get closer to the basket or she might just pull up and shoot the shot. She showed why she was the Conference Player of the Year. Ebony Hoffman came of the bench like no other player! She came off scoring 12 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and dished 2 assists. She just came off the bench with a Spark and helped the Sparks win over Seattle.

Their starters were on point though too! All together they scored 34 points, grabbed 15 rebounds and dished out 10 assists. They worked like a team and were able to sit as a team as well. They owned the floor! They were a well oiled machine and I really liked the style of game they played. I want them to play like this all season because playing like this, they can NOT be stopped. They played the Champs like it was a newly created team. Ace was the MVP of this starters. She kept this team going. Seattle tried to get her into early foul trouble by having Lauren play extra aggressive but Coach Gillom wasn’t having that. She made the trade between her and Tina and it really helped the game. This was just an excellent Sparks team.

Seattle wasn’t in this game. I can’t even choose an MVP because NO one played like they wanted to win this game. Sue Bird tried but she can’t do it by herself. Lauren Jackson seemed out of it. This just wasn’t their game. Back to the drawing board.


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