Phoenix Mercury/San Antonio Silver Stars Pre-Game Blog

San Antonio is Undefeated! They are 4-0 to start the year. In their last game against Phoenix, they had a huge come from behind victory against Phoenix. It was Spectacular! I thought the game was over after halftime, but clearly it was a good rally by the Stars and bad defense by Phoenix. That comeback was great and I’m glad I got to witness. This San Antonio is playing WAY different than last year and they way they are playing, they can’t be stopped! Becky Hammon and Sophia Young have taken the leadership roll on this team. They are not the only ones doing work though, everyone else is great and has the passion for the game as well. San Antonio needs to come out playing the same way they did at the end so that they start off hot.

The Phoenix Mercury shouldn’t have lost this game! They had a large lead going in the locker room during halftime. I don’t know what was said in the Silver Stars locker room but whatever was said really stung the Silver Stars. Phoenix couldn’t stop them! They watched their lead slowly drip to nothing. They had opportunites but they couldn’t cap it off. In this game, their ENTIRE team has to play great in order for them to win and keep the lead.

I see San Antonio winning by at least 4.


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