Week 2: Eastern/Western MVPs

Eastern MVP-Tina Charles

Tina Charles has been great in her last few games. She lead her team to the Win in both games. In those last 2 games, she went ham. I had to give her so much respect in both of those game especially because she’s only a 2 year player. She was doing it all and I mean that. She was like Toni Braxton singing lead and everyone else was background. But she does have good background singers lol. She almost averages a double double. She averages 20.4ppg, 8 rbg and 0.8 assists. Her stats don’t reflect how shes’s been playing in these last few games. She’s been going above and beyond that. She deserves this Eastern MVP because she’s been carrying her team to victory and will continue to lead them to wins.

Western MVP-DeWanna Bonner

Despite the Mercury’s 1-3 record, DeWanna Bonner has proved to be the team MVP. She is the only one that has been consistent in each game. She has showed up every game even when Dupree, Taylor and Taurasi haven’t. She has been playing exactly like an All-Star. Her stats aren’t out the roof but they are consistent. In her last 3 games, she scored double digits in 2 of those games. She’s also consistently rebounds. She has scored more than 5 in her last 3 games and in those last 3 games, all of her rebounds led to points. She has been the X-Factor for all these teams and I truly think that she will continue. If she scored 20 points a game and grabbed 13+ rebounds, Phoenix would be on a Winning Streak. I think the fate of Phoenix rides on Bonner and the teams ability to work together and step up.


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