Atlanta beats Chicago 71-68

Atlanta Dream holds off Chicago’s late rally to win the game.

Erika de Souza was the MVP of the game! She was truly the only one that actually wanted to win. She scored 12 points and was the only one to do so. Angel McCoughtry had more points but she didn’t have the same amount of leadership. She helped this team win this game for sure! She also grabbed 5 rebounds to finish the game with a win.



Angel McCoughtry had a good game in this win as well. She scored 14 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. She also racked up 4 steals in this game. Armintie Price and Courtney Paris both add great games off the bench as well. Courtney Paris was brought in from Chicago to fill in the spot that Sancho Lyttle has created. She did a nice job coming off the bench with energy. Both players scored 9 points to help in this Atlanta Dream Win. Courtney Paris grabbed 8 rebounds in this game to tie McCoughtry with rebounds. Armintie Price also tied McCoughtry with steals.

Chicago had a great comeback game but they should have won. They did everything they needed to but the clock wasn’t on their side. Michelle Snow had a great game! She was a large part of their comeback. She was their MVP. she led the team late in the game and helped surge them. She scored 8 points on the offensive end, but she put in work on the defensive end as well. I can’t wait to see her in her next gam. I’m sure she’s going to do the same.


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