The Liberty defeat the Shock 94-82

Cappie Pondexter was phenomenal in this game. If you watched the game, all you heard was “Cappie drains the 3!” She was on FIRE! Tulsa had no answer for her. They left her WIDE OPEN for 3s and other shots and any other team knows you can’t do that. They let her run through the pain as well. In this game, she threw down 23 points and was lighting up the scoreboard. She was unstoppable! She not only scored 23 points but she dished out 20 points to her teammates while racking up 10 assists. She wasn’t selfish at all in this game. She almost dished out more points than what she scored. She had a wonderful game over all. She also grabbed 2 rebounds and stole 3 balls form the defense.

Kia Vaughn was also a huge part in this liberty win. She also collected a double double in this game. She has been crazy good this entire season and this game wasn’t any different. She scored 24 points in this game. If you watched the game or even heard about it, Kia Vaughn’s name definitely came up! She not only scored max points, but she was a rebounding machine. She grabbed 12 rebounds! 7 were on defense and 5 were on offense. She was pretty equal in this game. She also dished out 1 assist. Kia Vaughn is clearly not the same person she was last year. I don’t know what she did in the offseason, but whatever she did worked and is working VERY well.

Tulsa played a good game but it wasn’t good enough to beat beat the Liberty. They came close but not close enough. Their team MVP was Ivory Latta. She scored 13 points and dished out 7 assists. Her team really lined up behind her in this game and she lead the way. She did all she could in this game but her team needed to have done all they could to win the game. Kayla Pederson definitely has my respect. She is truly underestimated but she can run a team. She scored 18 points last night. I wasn’t expecting her to do it but she clearly did. She was 100% from the 3 point line and 100% from the Foul Line. Yeah, she only shot 2 long range shots but those shots were critical and they were great decisions. She shot 6 shots at the foul line and made the mall. She was 5 of 8 from the field. She made good decisions and played smart.


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