Washington gets win over Tulsa 83-63

Nicky Anosike had a great game! She was the life of this team even though she wasn’t the leading scorer. Crystal Langhorne was the leading scorer but Nicky made the game. She has had great games and she did the same in this game. She was great in this game! She set the tone in this game. She scored a 13 points which helped her team, but that isn’t hwere she excelled.She excelled in the rebounding area. She snatched down 10 boards in this game as well as snatching a double double. With those stats, she wasn’t the greatest but the was the best played.

Crystal Langhorne made this game her’s with the performance she had. She took the game, put it in her back pocket, and ran with it. She made the first shot of the game and helped end it by being a team player. She helped the team with her points but she also helped the team with rebounds, assists and steals but she also hurt the team with turnovers. She scored 23 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, dished out 1 assist and grabbed 2 balls from the defense. These are some good stats but she had 11 turnovers. Regardless of her Turnovers, she still helped her team win this game.

Liz Cambage, of the Tulsa Shock, put out  a good effort but everyone on their team needed to do so and they didn’t. She can not win games by herself. In this game, she scored 15 points and grabbed 7 rebounds while shooting 40% from the floor. Rookie Kayla Pedersen did her part as well. She scored 9 points, and grabbed 5 rebounds as well as dishing out . Sheryl Swoopes also did a good job. She scored 11 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and dished out 2 assists. Tulsa still needs to improve in order to win games.


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