Indiana pulls the win over Phoenix 91-86

Katie Doulgas, please stop. She is just too good. She had another ANOTHER 26 point game. She was on fire!! She wasn’t really in the game until the final quarters. She brought the win for Indiana. Phoenix was right there during the entire game until Katie started her run. She took the game into her own hands and made the difference. Katie Douglas took her scorer ability to the max in this game. I was expecting that but I wasn’t expecting  her to play like this. Great job Katie. I still can’t believe that she is playing like this after semi recovering from an injury.

Jessica Davenport is the MVP of this game. All you heard was Davenport! She did everything last night but her stats don’t give her justice. She had 25 points but she played like she should have had 50 points. She got quick passes from her teammates and capitalized on those passes. She is truly one of the best big women in the WNBA. She can’t be stopped by any team and Phoenix couldn’t stop her either. She went all day, all game. all night. If Phoenix could have stopped her they would’ve one the game, but the couldn’t. She was the Indiana team!

DeWanna Bonner once again was the star of the Phoenix team. Honestly, she is one of the best 6th women. She deserves the MVP. She comes off the bench bringing everything she has to the floor. She was great in this game and every game she has played. She is so over looked! Everyone sees Candice Dupree, Penny Taylor and Diana Taurasi, but it really isn’t about them. DeWanna is the glue for this team. You’d be surprised how bad this team would be without her.


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