Silver Stars win by 10 over Sky 84-74

Sophia Young and Danielle Adams, a veteran and a rookie, took this game by FORCE! Sophia Young has been playing great all season! Her style of play has only been beaten in one game and that was against Phoenix in their first loss. Her game hasn’t been seriously contested yet, so of course she’s gonna be her typical “ballin hard” self. In this last win against the Sky, she put up stats that were unbeatable but matchable. With he 19 points, she tied Epiphany Prince from the Sky’s squad. Prince was not close to Young’s rebounding ability though. Sophia grabbed 9 rebounds in the game. 8 of those rebounds were on the defensive end taking away any chance the Sky had of getting the put back. She also dished out 2 assist to her teammates in this game.

Danielle Adams! Danielle freaking Adams! Yes, she is a rookie, and no she wasn’t picked in the first round, BUT SHE SHOULD HAVE the way she’s been playing. She has been a spark plug for this team. She added some STRONG intensity off the bench for them which they needed. Sophia now as someone that can come in for her and have the same scoring ability and the same rebounding ability. Danielle Adams is in the right place and she’s showing it. She knows that she is great and she has that confidence when she plays. She’s not afraid to shoot the 3 in your face nor is she afraid to post you up and take you to the hole! She’s playing like this is her team out here, like she’s been playing with them for years. In their win last night, she scored 16 points which put her in the #2 spot as top scorer. Her scoring ability is uncanny. She also grabbed 2 rebounds, one on each end as well as blocking 3 of her opponent’s shots. She played spectacular. Make sure yall are writing her name in for the All-Star voting.

Sylvia Fowles did great in this game. She helped her team a lot, but they just couldn’t pull of the win. She got her double double by scoring 16 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. She was the leading rebounder in this game. Epiphany Prince was also a great part of this team this game. She scored a nice 19 points, rebounded 1 ball and dished out 4 assist. Chicago could have done much better. Everyone on their team didn’t do as well as they could have. Pokey Chatman has some work to do.


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