New York defeats San Antonio 75-81

Cappie Pondexter, yeah you know her! She had a great game in every aspect. Watch or re watch the game on WNBA Live Access once it’s available, you don’t want to miss her performance. She was the motivation on the offensive end and the power on the defensive end! She balled out! Cappie scored 19 points to lift her team above San Antonio. She made shots all over the field. It didn’t matter where, she just did it, and wasn’t stopped. She shot 50% in this game from everywhere. She didn’t have the hightest percentage on her team but that’s because she took the most shots in this game. She wasn’t taking no for an answer. She not only scored but she involved everyone on her team in every possession to work up the best shot. She tallied 3 rebounds in this game as well as dishing out 5 assists. Another great Game by Cappie.

Plenette Pierson showed she wanted to win in this game as well. She was another factor in this win. She was up and down the court like a guard creating opportunities for her team in this win. She was on point on both ends! Defensively, she shut down the Stars and on the offensive end she was unbeatable! She racked up 14 points and 5 rebounds. Loved her performance.

Danielle Adams had another great game for San Antonio. She was a force for them even though they were defeated. She helped the game stay close but in the end, their efforts weren’t good enough. She is becoming the 6th woman off the bench and she’s just a rookie. Becky Hammon and Sophia young have a vary reliable bench and she’s the main source of the fire. She has continually been the spark plug for the team and she commands the floor. Danielle is treating this team as if it were the Texas A&M team. She’s showing out and keeling this team on their streak. She made this game hers by scoring 19 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds. Another spectacular game


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