Phoenix Ousts Chicago 97-84

Kara Braxton was the MVP of this game. No she wasn’t the leading scorer but she was the leading contributor. Her name was says very often! It may not have ended in her scoring but it ended in a Phoenix score. She is usually over shadowed by taurasi Taylor and Dupree bur she said this is her game. She went from offensive to defense throughout this game. She was a powerhouse on both ends. She came out the gate hot and didn’t cool off until after the final buzzer. It was a great game thanks to Kara Braxton. She scored 15 points, grabbed 5 rebounds and 2 assists.

Taurasi was a great scoring contributor. She added 24 points to her teams final score. She is the go to person on their team. When you need a shot or you need someone to draw the foul, she’s the person you go to. If you need a good flop, Diana is your go to. She’s been playing like she always has and it seemed to have worked in this Chicago game. She outscored everyone in this game, but she can’t be credited for the win, but niehter can Kara. This Phoenix team won the game for themselves. Every person that was able to play scored in this game. 5 out of 9 of their players scored double digits but 2 players were only a couple baskets away. This Phoenix team put forth good effort and that’s why they won.

Chicago as a whole team did great. They weren’t too far behind Phoenix. The Mercury had more possessions and opportunities and they capitalized on that. Chicago did nothing wrong, Phoenix just did everything right. Chicago played a great game but in the end, it wasn’t in their favor.


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