Week MVPs

[Since we missed last week we decided to do our picks based on the pass two weeks]

June19th- July 2nd

Eastern MVP- Danielle Adams

Danielle Adams is a Rookie from San Antonio Silver Stars and she won the Western Conference MVP of this passed week. Nobody, including vets, have been better than her. She’s been better then some players and she’s coming of the bench! She came from Texas A&M where they won a huge championship and she’s been playing like she did in that championship game since she’s been in the WNBA. The way she’s playing, you would’ve never thought she’s a first year player. She takes this team like this is her team. She comes off the bench averaging (?) Points. OFF the bench, not many people average that and don’t start. I don’t think she should star. Not because of her athletic ability but because of her explosiveness. She comes off the bench hot and powers the silver star bench. She givers becky and Sophia the option to come off the bench and not worry about their team slacking. She is considerably one of the best big women clutch players. If the team needs a 3, she shoots it and it falls into the net. Players leave her open in long range, and she makes them suffer the consequences. She doesn’t need to shoot the 3 but she does and she obviously does it well. Her “comfort zone” is down low where she can posterize the defense, but she doesn’t have a specific comfort zone. She can do anything anywhere and they makes her a great rookie. She has been a great addition to the Silver Stars team and its no coincidence that San Antonio has been exceptionally better with her addition. She is clearly a spark plug for this team! This Aggie is not a Star but she’s still the same Danielle Adams.

Western MVP- Cappie Pondexter

 Cappie Pondexter, THE, Cappie Pondexter that is know for easily having 30+ games , is showing the world that unlike other “superstars” scoring is not her only asset. Pondexter currently leads all guards this season is assist. It is not so much that Pondexter is having amazing nights where she gets 10+ assist, but the fact that in every single game this year, she has lead her team in assist. Clearly consistency is key! Not only is Pondexter leading her team in assist, but in points as well. In the past five games, her lowest scoring game was 22points, if you total up how many points Cappie has this season alone, the number would be an astronomic 183!! With 24 regular season games left this year, it is clear that Ms.Pondexter might be trying to out do herself and break her own record set last season, when she led the WNBA with 729 points! Even with all of the high scoring games and high assisting games, the true reason as to why our team felt that Cappie Pondexter deserved to win POW this week, was Leadership. New York Liberty lost a tough match up on Thursday against the Atlanta Dream(away game) then in less than 24 hours, the Liberty had to get back on the 2 1/2 hour plane ride, rise above jet lag and soreness, head to the Prudential Center, and attempt to play the BEST team in the league(according to the standings)  To make matters worse, just minutes before the game, the Liberty suffered a loss, Essence Carson (the teams “spark plug” aka the Libertys second scoring leader in most games) suffered an eye injury in shoot around. This situation seemed impossible to fans, and i’m sure even some players.   However as soon as the game started, Cappie Pondexter tightened up her team captain hat and went to work!  Pondexter did not start out scoring, her objective was getting her team involved, like a true leader. Which is why she lead both sides of the court in assist at the end of the game. Also Cappie lead both sides of the court with 19 points. Regardless if Pondexter is leading the way with 30+ nights, she has by far been the best team leader with her assist!


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