Pheonix defeats Tulsa 86-78

DeWanna Bonner did most of the rebounding for this team, which won this game for the Mercury. She almost had half of their rebounds and was received the most playing time. She was great off the boards on the offesnive and defensive end. Her rebounds led to second chance bukets or another offensive possession. She helped her team out tremendously and I’m sure Corey Gaines loved what he saw. She rebounded 13 balls, 6 on offense and 7 on defense. She also dished out 1 assist as well as scoring 10 points. She racked up another double-double in this game. She played great and fueled her team to a win.

Penny Taylor also did her part in this win. She was the second leading scorer behind Diana Taurasi, but she did great work. She was everyone on the floor and her presence was needed. When she’s alive, the team is alive. She scored 16 points in this game and she shot 64% from the field. She also grabbed 5 rebounds, dished 7 assists, and took 2 steals.

Kayla Pederson was the main person on this Tulsa team. She showed that she can be a great rookie and she isn’t falling in the shadow of Liz Cambage. She did so much more than her in this game and it helped the team but she couldn’t propel them to a win. She is a rookie that is underestimated but she makes a difference in games. In this game, she scored 13 points, grabbed 9 rebounds and gave out 2 assists. She played a great game.


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