Minnesota defeats Connecticut 90-67

Maya Moore played like she was in high school in this game. She came alive in this game and helped her team to the win. She started hot and didn’t stop. She came out and played like she was ready for another win. She scored 26 points and shot 65% from the field. She also rebounded 2 offensive balls as well as dishing 3 assists. She ended the game with 1 foul.

Seimone Augustus was another great part of this win as far as scoring ability and contribution. She scored 20 points in the game and rebounded 5 balls. She not only scored and rebounded but she also dished out 6 points while racking up 3 assists. She was a powerhouse and most of her possessions ended in easy points.

Renee Montgomery had a great game even though her team ended up losing. Tina Charles didn’t step up, but Renee did. She scored 14 points and shot 38% in this game. She did her best but her best didn’t seem to be good enough. She also rebounded on the defensive end, but that didn’t seem to help either. She dished out 2 assists and stole 2 balls from the defense. Renee wasn’t able to do it by herself.


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