Phoenix rallies back to defeat Minnesota 112-105

Diana Taurasi was the MVP this game. She scored, she rebounding, and assisted like no other person on the Phoenix team. She did everything she always does in this game and it paid off in the stretch of the game. With this Phoenix team behind her, they were sure to win even though things looked shaky. Everyone on the team did the things they needed to do in order to secure the win and Diana was the power. She scored 27 points in this game and they were all at precious moments. She scored at the end of the shot clock, at the beginning of the shot clock, at the end of the game, at the beginning, she just scored. She faked it when she needed to and she made it when she needed to.  She scored 27 points, dished 8 rebounds, and grabbed 2 bounds.

DeWanna Bonner is and always will be the spark plug for Phoenix. When she gets into the game, Phoenix wins. She is unbeatable. She is one of the fastest Crossover players and Corey Gaines is using her to the best of his ability. She comes off the bench like she started the game, she has deserved and still deserves the 6th woman award. She came of the bench scoring 24 points which is just as good as Diana Taurasi. She not only scored but she rebouded, grabbing 3 boards. She is phenomenal off the bench and IS the X-Factor.

Rebekkah Brunson never fails to show up for a game! She is the best at her postition. She is no doubt the best spot on her team. No one can fill that void. She is consistent and that’s what a team needs. She scored 16 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. She holds the single game rebounding record at 18 and she almost beat it in this game. She is a great player for Minnesota but they just couldn’t get this one to go their way.


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