Seattle defeats Washington 79-71

Sue Bird was the one that made that game with the help of Swin Cash. She was on fire and she clearly was the MVP. She did everything she could to seal the deal, and she did just that. She scored 22 points to lead both teams in scoring. She shot 57% from the field, 80% from the line and 50% from long range. All her points came from her inside game! She scored 12 points from inside the arc and that propelled her team to the win. She also dished out 3 assists and grabbed 1 rebound. She played a great game from beginning to end.

Swin Cash has been leading her team to wins in these last few games. She wasn’t the leading scorer but she was a huge contributor to the game. She was just as good as Sue Bird and together the secured the win. She lifted this team when they needed it and was a great part! She scored 20 points in this game, 2 shy of Sue’s total. She did better than Sue on the rebounding end, grabbing 6 rebounds. She also dished out 3 assists in the game. She contributed on defense by stealing 4 balls from the defense.

Marissa Coleman has been ON FIRE for the Mystics. If everyone played like her, the team would be on a winning streak instead of a losing streak. She has showed up in these last few games, but her game isn’t being noticed because of the check in their L column. She has been doing so much and her team just can’t pull out the win. In this past game, she scored 16 points, grabbed 9 rebounds, and dished 2 assists all with 4 fouls. She didn’t let that hold her back in any way. She only had 1 turnover and it was a minute mistake. She played a great game too bad the entire Mystics team couldn’t.


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