Fever beats Sun 90-78

Katie Douglas is a great player, a great defender, and a great leader for the Fever. She is an excellent player! I love watching her play the game of basketball. She doesn’t get pity calls, or fake a foul. She goes to the basket hard lays it up easy. She either makes the shot, or there is a legit foul. She scored 20 points to lead Indiana to a win, she made this look very easy. She also added 8 points to her teams total by dishing 4 assists.

Jessica Davenport is an excellent player. She is the go to player on their team. If you give her the ball down low, you know it’s going in. You can almost guarantee the bucket. She averages more than 12 points a game and she shows that in every game. She’s another great player that has stepped up since the absence of Ebony Hoffman. She finds her mitch-match and she uses that all game. In this game, she scored 14 points and grabbed 4 rebounds.

Tina Charles didn’t play her usual game in this lose. She can be reckless but she didn’t really bring that this game. Yes, she got another double double, but her stats are the same as her presence. Connecticut could have one this game, but everyone on the team didn’t show up. Renee Montgomery was a little off in that game and it really showed towards the end of the game. Tan White put up 17 points but it didn’t seem to help. Connecticut will have to improve next time.


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