New Beginnings for Sparks in win over S.A. 84-74

 It is no secret now that the Sparks have been struggling prolifically sense the All-Star Candace Parker went down with a knee injury. The Sparks had lost the last 5 games, and also have yet to win their first road game. On Saturday’s against the Seattle Storm, quite a few fans were angry at the Sparks head coach,  Jennifer Gillom not starting the usual starters, so much in fact, that Gillom’s release as the Sparks head coach was not a surprise for anyone. With Gillom gone, Joe Bryant stepped as as the official head coach for the L.A. Sparks. Unlike Tulsa, new coaching staff is a change for the better, Sparks proving that with their first road win against the top ranked San Antonio Silver Stars.

 For some reason Coach Bryant did not start Ticha, not that it mattered sense she stayed in for the majority of the game. Not sure if Ticha was trying to prove a point that she deserves to be starting, but she definitely balled hard during this game! TP brought in the game high of 18 points as well as the most rebounds(8.) But Ticha does not just look good on the stat sheet. What really made Ticha the star of this game, was the fact that she over exceeded everyone’s expectations of her. Ticha is known for the ability to get the ball to her teammates, rarely will you see her taking her own shot. However in this game, Ticha got her 18 points by taking 9 jumpers and making her very rare three ball. If she continues to play like this, Sparks should continue to keep winning even with out the great CP3!

 Even though the Silver Stars have gone from the number 1 seed to the number 4, this lady right here, Miss Sophia Young, has been putting in 110% even after her minor injury.  Scoring the highest in this game on both sides of the court, 22 points, and also 11 rebounds! That right there is a double double folks!! If you watched the game then you know that it was rare of Young was getting her own shot. What she does best is “put backs” no matter where the ball falls, Young will always be there with the rebound and put back! And it also does not hurt S.A. that Young was 6-8 for freethrows last night! Young should be getting P.O.W. very very soon!


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