Lynx cool the Fever 80-70

Rebekkah Brunson had another spectacular game. She truly possesses all the qualities her team needs. She can score and rebound like no other. She has every quality that her team needs and she brings it every game. Her name is said multiple times during a game and in this game, it didn’t change. She is player that you can always count on. She can either make or break a game and this game, she made it. She scored a game high 20 points in this win over the Fever. They needed every single one of those points she scored. If she didn’t score those points, the only other person that looked like they might step up to fill the void was Maya Moore. Brunson also grabbed 8 boards in the game.

Maya Moore didn’t play like a rookie in this game. She played like a skilled player and her team needed it. Rebekkah and Maya almost scored half of the Lynx’ points. She had a great game as well, showing her skills. She was on great on the defensive and offensive side of things. She played 100% and that’s why they won. She scored 18 points, and grabbed 7 boards.

Tamika Catchings was a game high scorer recording 22 points. She used her All-Star game, but it wasn’t good enough for the win. She was great out there but her team couldn’t fall in place behind her. Tamika tried to win the game, but one person can’t do it all.


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