San Antonio finishes the game over Seattle 69-66

Danielle Adams is the name of this SA team! She comes off the bench and the SAS fans go wild with applause. She gets in the floor, quickly settles in, then begins her reign on the court. Her biggest weapon is her body, hither biggest threat is her scoring ability and finesse. She comes out cresting big plays as we’ll as finishing big plays. In this can’t she scored 23 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. She’s a op contender for Rookie of the Year as well as the 6th woman award.

Danielle Robinson, another rookie, helped her team to the 3 point victory. She’s one ofter quickest people on the floor and there’s not one game where she doesn’t show that. She doesn’t always need to score, but she did in this game. Her presence on the court helps this team. She scored 12 points and dished 3 assists in the game.

Tanisha Wright did her team a great favor by scooting 18. She has the game high points scored. She also grabbed 5 rebounds and dished 3 assists. Seattle mussed the mark after a long hard fought game.


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