Liberty putting a hurting on Shock 88-57

31 points is all that needs to be said. 31 is the number of points in which the New York Liberty won over the Tulsa Shock in today’s win. 31 is also the number in which none of the Shock starters reached, even together. Shock are not strangers to losing excessively, however they rarely get blown out by more than 30 points.

Somehow someway Cappie Pondexter still came out as the leading scorer for her team with 18 points, 3 assist, and 3 rebounds. The reason that is surprising is because Pondexter only played half of the game, which is very rare. Liberty had a pretty safe lead going into halftime, after they came back out, Pondexter got about 8 more points and then called it quits, as it was clear her team did not need her offensive help anymore. She almost seemed as if she was bored during the entire game, not use to sitting at the very end of the bench away from her teammates and coaches. A few times during the fourth quarter Pondexter would stand up as if she wanted to join in on the fun her teammates were having while stretching the lead even further.  Another huge contributor in this game was Essence Carson who rallied in 17 points, 2 assist, and 2 rebounds.

Although it might have been clear to the rest of the world that the Liberty were going to just totally run through the Shock, someone failed to mention this to Tiffany Jackson. Jackson was the only, if you wish to count it, spark plug that the Shock’s had. Jackson brought in 17 points, and 11 rebounds. Yes that does equal a Double Double!! She also played the most mins for either team. Just goes to show you, just because a team may seem like they suck, does not mean all of the players do.

Betty Lennox was also in the spot light tonight, with her first game of the season. Originally signed with the Tulsa Shock but in the last minute her name was no longer on the roster for the final cut. There have been many rumors as to why Lennox was waived, and those rumors seem almost justified for her sudden return once the infamous Nolan Richardson is no longer in charge in Tulsa. Although “B-Money” only had 5 points and 2 assist, her energy clearly rubbed off on a few other teammates. 5points in just 7mins of play, not too bad….wonder why she was not kept in the game actually.

[Since we are talking about returning players now that Richardson is gone………………………..could you imagine…Tweety Nolan finally lacing up again? Just a thought 😉 ]


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