Sparks pull out a late win over Tulsa 79-75

Kristi Toliver is excellent off the bench for the Sparks. She starts the bench surge in every game and she made the difference in this one. She makes everyone so excited when she comes onto the floor from the bench. She undeniably has some of the best bench skill in the league. I’ve said “bench” about 4 times. She became the leader of this team off the bench. She didn’t even start and she scored 20 points in this win. LA sparks doesn’t have to worry about theirs bench because they have the best one in the league.

Delisha Milton Jones came from outta the blue in this game! She was on top of things, no doubt. She kept her team alive with her 18 points. She was up and down the floor and changed the game for the Sparks. She added a spark to the game and helped in the comeback and defeat of Tulsa.

Andrea Riley showed out in this game. She was the leading scorer for the Tulsa and she should have no regrets in this game. She showed up and showed out even though her team was defeated late in the game. She scored 18 points in this game.


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