Week MVPs

July 3rd-July 13th

Western MVP- Sophia Young

Having a veteran like Becky Hammon on your team does not make it easy for a player to try and get their own spot light, however Sophia Young does not fall into that category.  Averaging 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assist this season, it is clear to  all fans that Young is a key factor on this winning San Antonio team. Having so many rookies on a team might be hard for most veterans, however Young has taken rookies, such as Adams and Robinson, underneath her wings. In the past 3 games Young has brought home 46 points and 25 rebounds. Although these stats do pop off the sheet, it is also what is not recorded that is so impressive about Young, aka Ms.Luck Shot. My crew has given Young this nickname because of her amazing put back ability. She is always in the right place to get any miss her teammates pick up. Always there to speak words of encouragement when needed. A scoring leader and a psychological leader as well. Hats off to Sophia Young!!

Eastern MVP- Sylvia Fowles

Sylvia Fowles

Leading the league in scoring this season, clearly Fowles is in the running for MVP!! This season she is averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds. It is no secret that the Sky have been labeled as one of the “struggling” teams for the past few season, well you can kiss that title good bye, because this team is in it to win it all! Currently ranked in the 4th seed of the Eastern Conference, although they were in 2nd place for awhile. In the past three games, Foweles has brought in 55 points and 32 points. The reason why she is this weeks MVP is self explanatory= NO ONE IS TOUCHING HER!! As soon as her team finds other ways to get involved into the game, there just might not be a way to stop the Sky!


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