Minnesota defeats the Storm 69-62

Seimone Augustus led her team to the win over Seattle. She played a spectacular game in this victory. She was all over the floor in that game. She was a force on defense and offense. She played almost the entire game and only picked up 1  foul. She was the greatest of the game. In this game, she scored 19 points, and grabbed 5 rebounds. All 5 of her rebounds were on the defensive end, and they all led to extra Lynx possessions. She also came away with 3 steals, and dished 2 assists.

Rebekkah Brunson hasn’t turned her game off since she started. She was on fire in this game just like she has been in every other game. She doesn’t surprise me with her skill in any game. She didn’t rebound like she usually did but she scored how she always does. She scored 16 points in this game which kept Minnesota alive in some parts of the game. She also grabbed 6 rebounds in this game.

Sue Bird, Swin Cash, and Tanisha Wright were all in this game! If Seattle only had 2 more people that had games like those 3 they would have won. In the end, Seattle just couldn’t regain composure and seal the win.


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