Atlanta sent Indiana a nightmare winning 84-74

Lindsey Harding won this game for Atlanta. She scored 19 points and it really showed on the offensive end. She was wanna the greatest pick ups. She stepped up as a leader since the first game. She doesn’t lead the team with points, but she leads them as an official point guard. Teams that don’t have a point guard, don’t have a team. She also grabbed 5 rebounds, and dished 5 assists.

Erika de Souza picked up another Double double in this game. She has been on her game in the last few games. She doesn’t have to lead the team, but when she’s in the game, Atlanta is in the game and she proved that this time around. She comes off the defensive end ready to score on the offensive end. In this game, she grabbed 11 rebounds and scored 15 points.

Tamika Catchings was the leading scorer in yet another game. She puts in, up and out. She’s a great player and she always plays great, but the team doesn’t all ways play great. She scored 22 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and dished 6 assists. Erin Phillips kept the Fever in the game as well. She scored an almost game high 21 points, grabbed 3 rebounds, and dished 3 assists.


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