Chicago shut down the Storm 78-69

Sylvia Fowles was a game stopper and was the main one behind the win! She’s out there playing like an All-Star and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Chicago is an under estimated team that can close some games but then not on others. Her points, rebounds, and presence created the win. She scored 24 points, grabbed 9 rebounds, and blocked 2 balls.

Epiphany Prince was 2 points away from being the leading scorer. She was on point from beginning to end and I’m sure Coach Pokey Chatman liked it. She brought everything in this game. She scored 23 points, dished 5 assists, and grabbed 2 rebounds. She was automatic in this game. She didn’t miss very many shots and she made them when she needed to.

Sue Bird had to be frustrated at this loss. She did everything in this game, but her team came up short. She scored 26 points in this game but her team couldn’t line up behind her to get the win. To go with her 26 points, she dished 4 assists and grabbed 4 rebounds and stole 2 balls from the defense.


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