Sparks lose to S.A. on home court 79-69

Sparks are currently one of the worse road teams in the WNBA (which is not saying much since half of the league has been horrible on the road as well) However Sparks have this bad spell worse. Being that the Staples Center is always needed for numerous events in LA, Sparks rarely have a home game. Everyone thought that since the Sparks were at home for two back to back games, they would use this to their advantage. Sadly that was not the case.

Natasha LacyJantel LavenderLaToya PringleJenna O'Hea Even though the Sparks lost, this game was a learning day. None of the starters came to play in this game. The leading scorer for the starting 5 line up, was DMJ who only brought in 7 points. Despite the loss, all four of these young ladies, who are all bench players, played the most minutes and also were in double figures at the end of the game. Lacy & J.Lav both had 14 points, O’Hea with 12, and Pringle with 11. The true stars of this game however were Lacy and O’Hea! Lacy turning into a star point guard, dishing out 7 assist(game high) and she also grabbed down 5 rebounds! With all of these changes to the lineup, i will not be surprised if Coach Bryant has Lacy starting in the next game! Also O’Hea who is normally thought of as just a 3 point shooter, coming in off the bench grabbing down 11 rebounds, making her have a Double Double!! No one knows what is really going on with the Sparks this season, trust and believe the fact that Parker is not healthy has nothing to do with it!

Becky Hammon

Here lately Hammon has mainly been working on here PG skills. For the past 2 games Hammon only brought in 5 points each game, of course that is very odd to see from a player of her caliber. In last nights game, Hammon decided to put on a little show for those individuals for thought that she has passed her prime. Ending the game with the game high 26 points, 5 assist , and 3 rebounds! If Hammon continues to play like this, her teammates will not have to do much but sit back and watch the veteran go to work!


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