Atlanta on a streak of their own beating Mystics 86-79

This game was a pretty fair match. Both teams shooting well, and both teams defense were top notch through out the game. The score does not justify what actually went down(which is why i always mentally subtract 4 points from the winning teams score because it is obvious those points come from the other team fouling them last minute) Anyways, both of these teams made it to the Playoffs last year, and both of these teams are the worse in the eastern conference right now. Mystics finally were able to get their 3rd win the other night with an amazing comeback over the L.A. Sparks, and the Dream have now won three consecutive games. Although the Dream are on a winning streak, they are not moving anywhere at all. They are still in that #5 seed, and if the higher eastern teams continue to win like they have been, Dream moving will be nearly impossible. But for now they can only look at the present, and that is a 3 game winning streak.

Angel McCoughtry Angel McCoughtry has finally came alive folks!! The old Angel is back!! (Good for Dream fans, very bad for any other fan) Angel dropped 33, yes, thirty three points today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obvious that was the game high, and her season high!

Alison BalesBut the virtual game ball does not go to Angel however, we have decided that Bales was the hardest working Dream player today! Everyone see’s when Bales messes up, hard not to because of her size, but people never see the good she does do. Finally she has a game where her stats can show her off. Bales, nearing a double double, had 9 points and 10 rebounds! If she continues to play like this there is no doubt that the Dream will make it to the Playoffs!!

Marissa ColemanCrystal Langhorne

Very upset that the Mystics lost this game since these two young ladies gave their all! Coleman, who was struggling earlier in the season with her shooting, and honestly her defense also, turned her act around and starting playing like the old Terp we all love! Coleman was the second leading scorer for the Mystics bringing in 21 points and Langhorne leading her team with 24 points! Langhorne was also the second highest rebounder in the game, falling short to her teammate Anosike by 4 rebounds. Even though Dream walked away with the win this team, i’m willing to bet this will be another great match up when these two teams meet back up.


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