Lynx win the war of the West beating Mercury 106-98

This season it seems that nearly every single team in the West is “in it to win it.” San Antonio leading everyone early on in the league, however once they lost two back to back games to the New York Liberty they found themselves in the #3 seed. Leaving the Phoenix Mercury and the Minnesota Lynx to fight it out for the #1 seed. Mercury standing at #1 for nearly over a week, came crashing down to the 3rd seed after the Lynx gave them a run for their money.

     Rebekkah Brunson  Lindsay Whalen

All three of these ladies were a dynamic trio last night! Each of them setting the game high marks in different fields. Augustus who has allowed her teammates to get a feel for stardom, meaning she has not been selfishly player allowing other teammates to be the star of the night. Her scoring has not been the 25+ like you would expect, but in this game she put on a show. Dropping the game high, on both sides, of 25 points; Also ended the game with 4 assist and 6 rebounds. So with Augustus leading in scoring, the rising star herself, Brunson, leading the way with rebounds for the Lynx with 6 rebounds and 14 points as well. But the primitive player in this game was Lindsay Whalen! Normally Whalen is thought of as only running the one. But last night she ran the 1 and 2, bringing in 16 points, 3 rebounds, 8 assits, and 2 steals!!!!!! On fire she was! One thing is for sure, the Lynx are clearly the most stacked team!

Even though Mercury lost, their regular trio did major damage to hold the Lynx in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th quarters. Taylor and Taurasi stat sheet nearly identical to each other! DT leading all scorers with 24 points, as well as 6 assist, and 2 rebounds. Taylor right behind Diana with 23 points, as well as 5 assist, and 4 rebounds. The game ball in this game would go to Dupree however, although the stat sheet does not show everything, she did bring in 14 points, 3 assist, and 7 rebounds. Dupree’s defense was on point in this game, she stood her ground and defending the paint like she is suppose to. These two teams play again, if Dupree puts in more points like she normally does, the Dub just might go to the Mercury again.


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